Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kansas City Police release audits on pager use, Fugitive Apprehension staffing


The Kansas City Missouri Police Department’s Internal Audit Unit released two audits today, one regarding the use of department cell phones and pagers and another about staffing needs in the Fugitive Apprehension and Arraignment Section.

Internal auditors discovered that the department had been paying nearly $17,000 annually for 229 pagers that were no longer in use. The audit recommended better tracking of these pagers and reducing their use as much as possible. Since November 2008, the department has reduced the number of pagers used by 24 percent. The audit also pointed out that the department funds 519 cell phones at a cost of $218,400 a year. Another 39 cell phones are funded by grants. The audit found little issue with cell phone usage and pointed out that the Fiscal Division commander addresses any questionable charges.

The other audit addressed a recommendation from a department task force that stated two additional detectives in the Fugitive Apprehension and Arraignment Section could result in more than 670 additional warrants served a year. The audit found this calculation was incorrect and recommended another model for predicting staffing needs.

The full audit reports are available here.

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