Monday, November 2, 2009

Home security surveys

Did you know that a police officer will come to your house to identify any security vunerabilities you may have and teach you how to fix them? Our Community Interaction Officers always have offered free home security surveys, but we've gotten a lot more interest lately because of some high-profile crimes, like last month's two Waldo-area rapes.

Officers will look for everything from doors that don't lock properly to shrubs that should be trimmed and many other simple things you may never have thought about.

To take advantage of this free service, call your local patrol division (numbers listed below, and here's a map if you're not sure which one you live in), and ask to speak with the Community Interaction Officer. Then tell the officer you'd like for him or her to come do a home security assessment for you.

North Patrol Division: 234-5540
Shoal Creek Patrol Division: 413-3400
Central Patrol Division: 234-5510
East Patrol Division: 234-5530
Metro Patrol Division: 234-5520
South Patrol Division: 234-5550

A lot of our job involves showing up at homes after a crime has occurred. We'd rather go there before one ever happens and prevent it.

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