Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't leave your car warming unattended

We're coming into some of the coldest days this season, and our property crimes detectives know exactly what that means: an increase in stolen cars.

As the chill of winter sets in every year, people try to warm up their vehicles or leave them running unattended. This is a perfect target for car thieves, and it's against the law. In Kansas City, Mo., you can be ticketed for leaving your car running unattended.

While this can happen at home as your car runs in your driveway, it's even more likely to take place when you're out running errands. We see far too many people who decide to leave their car running while they pop into a convenience store, only to come back outside and find it stolen. Our detectives have encountered several thieves who actually wait outside convenience stores for just such an opportunity.

And if you think locking your vehicle's door while you leave it running will protect it from theft, you're wrong. It only takes a few extra seconds for a thief to break out the window.

I know it's unpleasant to get into a cold car, but it's a lot more unpleasant to have your car stolen or be written a ticket because you left it running unattended.