Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crime Free Multi-Housing officers innovating in Shoal Creek Patrol Division

The Crime Free Multi-Housing officers who operate out of each of our six patrol division stations work to make rental properties safe for everyone who lives and stays there. They do so by educating owners and managers on everything from proper lighting to drug identification to crafting leases that ban criminal activity.

But the Crime Free Multi-Housing officers at the Shoal Creek Patrol Division, Adam Hill and Chad Safranek, have taken their duties to the next level. In addition to working with apartment complexes, they also have begun working with hotels, motels and storage units. And Shoal Creek is the only one of our patrol divisions that has its Crime Free officers assigned to the Property Crimes Section. Unlike other Crime Free Multi-Housing officers, they work the cases that occur on multi-family properties – finding suspects, conducting interrogations and submitting case files to prosecutors. This outside-the-box approach is solving many issues within the division.

Their work with local hotels and motels also is unprecedented. The officers say their goal is to keep the criminal element out of these properties and to keep guests safe. Officers Hill and Safranek have been working toward this with gusto. They shut down two pay-by-the-week motels that were riddled with crime, drugs and unsanitary living conditions. They earned the City’s Rich Noll Pacesetter Award for this work. They have conducted multiple warrant sweeps and inspections at these extended stay-type motels, which tend to attract criminal activity.

Thanks to Officers Hill’s and Safranek’s work, two hotels are certified Crime Free properties now, the Holiday Inn Express at 8230 N. Church Rd. and the Comfort Suites at 8200 N. Church Rd. The officers are training their counterparts in other patrol divisions how to expand the Crime Free Multi-Housing concept to hotels and motels.

In 2013, Officers Hill and Safranek generated 279 reports from multi-housing properties, including apartments, hotels and motels. These led to about 60 people being evicted for criminal behavior and the termination of several tenants’ public housing assistance. The evictions result in safer housing for the thousands of law-abiding people who live in these properties.

Officers Hill and Safranek are eager to spread the good the Crime Free Multi-Housing program can do. Kansas City is playing host to the national Crime Free Multi-Housing conference this summer, and the officers will be conducting the hotel/motel portion of that training. I’m proud of the innovation shown by these officers and so many others on our department who are determined to make Kansas City a safer place to live, work and play.

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