Monday, April 6, 2009

What are your KCPD questions?

If you’ve had a burning question about KCPD, you can get it answered in the new Town Hall Tuesday feature on Hot 103 Jamz, KPRS, with Sean Tyler. I’ve been invited to come on the show and answer the public’s questions. To prepare for that, I’d like to know what you want to know.

Have you wondered about how we operate? Is there a rumor you’ve heard that you want the truth about? Is there something you've always wanted to ask a cop but have never gotten the chance to? Please submit your questions to I’ll try to answer as many as I can in the 30-minute show. Once we get all the questions lined up, I’ll let you know what date the show is going to air.

One of our department’s critical values is transparency, so I’m really excited to have this forum to inform and communicate with the community we serve. I appreciate the invitation from KPRS and look forward to hearing your questions.

Send comments/questions to