Friday, August 21, 2009

Vote for KC in mayoral face-off and benefit PAL

The Police Athletic League could get $15,000 if Kansas City gets the most votes in a mayoral fantasy football league by Sept. 11.

Mayor Mark Funkhouser will compete with ten other mayors in a Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football League this fall. The Mayoral Face-Off includes mayors from Buffalo, Green Bay, Oakland, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco and Tampa Bay. The prize for the winning Mayor is $15,000, to be designated to a non-profit sports program. Mayor Funkhouser is designating his winnings to go to the Police Athletic League.

Another $15,000 will go to the city with the most votes at the Mayoral Face-Off home page. Kansas City-area football fans can support the Police Athletic League by going to this link and voting for Kansas City. The city with the most votes on the Mayoral Face-Off home page by Sept. 11 will win $15,000 for their sports program.

Want to know more about what PAL does? Check out this recent Pay It Forward segment from Fox 4 and click on "East Side Role Models".

And please go vote for Kansas City!

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