Monday, May 4, 2009

5 more red light cameras

Remember that today is the day five more Red Light Safety Cameras go into effect. They are located at the following intersections:
  • W. 79th Street and Wornall Road
  • E. 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue
  • 39th and Main streets
  • E. 19th and Walnut streets
  • 27th Street and Southwest Trafficway

These are in addition to the first red light safety camera that has been operating for a couple months at 39th Street and Southwest Trafficway.

For more information on how these cameras work, go to

KCPD officers review each violation event captured by the red light cameras and make the final decision as to whether to issue a violation. Just because you see a camera flash does not automatically mean you'll be issued a violation.

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