Friday, May 1, 2009

Dispatches from Mexico: Cooking class

Our six officers learning Spanish in Mexico continue to avoid the swine flu, and we’re really happy about that. We’re also happy that they’re learning so much about the culture. Below is the latest update from Sergeant Tamara Pronske in Morelia:

Well, yesterday class was good. We are really getting into our routines and getting used to life here. Last night, Lucia (our professor) took us to a cooking class. We went to a senora's house, and she showed us how to make a full Mexicano meal: agua de jamaica (juice from the flower jamaica), sopa crema de cilantro (cream of cilantro soup), tacos, and flan for dessert. They were all very easy to make and very good to eat!!! The agua de jamiaca is very popular here. It is a deep purple flower that you boil in water for about 5 minutes, then put through a strainer and add water and sugar. The crema de cilantro is a bunch of cilantro with Philly cream cheese, garlic, onion, condensed milk, cornstarch and butter. It’s mixed in a blender and then heated on the stove. The tacos here are different than what we are used to. Tacos here are more of a taquito or flauta, where there is a tortilla with chicken or meat rolled up and fried in oil. Not the "U" shape we know. The flan was great and made just like in the US. All the guys were having fun watching and helping the Senora cook. Today (Friday), we took two tests and then had a presentation in class. Tomorrow we are going on another excursion, and I will have more details afterwards.

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