Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dispatches from Mexico: Taking a Break

Our officers in the department’s Spanish Immersion program in Mexico spend six days a week in class studying advanced college-level Spanish, cramming two courses – Spanish 301 and 302 – into five weeks. They don’t get very many breaks, but they use their infrequent time off to take in the local tourist attractions. Here, Sergeant Tamara Pronske describes their recent experience enjoying the high life that the city of Morelia has to offer:

"Hola hola! Only 6 days left! We had a busy weekend. On Saturday, Randy, Steve and I went to Tres Marias, an exclusive, private golf club. But this was no ordinary golf club ... this place looked like a high-end resort you would find in Cancun or Cozumel. The only thing missing was the beach. We arrived and ate lunch. We then took a swim in the pool, which included a swim-up bar. After a dip in the hot tub, we met with the manager of the resort. He then took us on a tour of the property. La Ciudad Tres Marias (it is in Morelia, but calls itself a city) occupies 25 percent of the land in Morelia. There are houses, condos, a high school, college, and many businesses within Ciudad Tres Marias. It is a gated community, which also includes a 27-hole golf course, an equestrian center, 14 tennis courts, a club house, and many more amenities. We decided to play nine holes of golf. How can you pass up the opportunity to play golf at a resort which just hosted an LPGA tournament three weeks ago?!

The three of us got our caddies and rented our clubs. None of us had ever had caddies before, so this was all a new experience. Steve was the first to go and on his first swing, he lost grip of his club and it went flying. I think it actually went farther than his ball did! We lost many golf balls in the water hazards, ditches, and gullies. Our caddies were great at finding our golf balls. In fact, most times they found more than they went looking for! We finished golfing with our dignities still intact (sorta) and then hung out at the beautiful resort. That night we went to a great steak house and had the best meal so far on the trip. I think we all went to bed that night with grins on our faces!

Sunday night we headed to Il Centro (downtown) to watch the celebrations as Morelia celebrated her 468th Birthday! There was a parade and fireworks in front of the cathedrals. It was beautiful and amazing to see such a spectacular show for the 468th Birthday. We can only imagine what the 500th Birthday celebration will be like!

We are now into our last week of instruction, and we are all ready to come home and get back to work."

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