Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dispatches from Mexico: Swine flu & earthquakes

With the Swine Flu outbreak growing seemingly larger every day, we’ve been worried about the six officers we have learning Spanish down in Morelia, Mexico (a map of where that’s located is posted above). Here’s the latest update from Sergeant Tami Pronske:

Hola, everyone. Just want to send an update on a few things. A lot of our families and friends are worried about us with the Swine Flu going around. We are OK, and it’s not affecting us. There have been no reports of it in Morelia, so far. More and more people here are wearing the surgical masks, but even that isn't going to do much for them. My host family says that people are over-reacting, and I agree. We are being careful and washing our hands all the time and making sure not to kiss. In Mexico, it is proper to kiss someone on the cheek when you meet them.

Also, while in class today, (professor) Lucia came in and told us we had to go outside. Of course, we don't ever question Lucia, and when we got outside, she said there had been an earthquake. We are on the third floor of a building, and the floors below us are always vibrating or rumbling from gym equipment downstairs, so we thought nothing of it. Apparently, the center of the quake was near the coast, and we are nowhere near that. We got a good laugh and went back in to finish our class. First Swine Flu, then earthquakes. But nothing keeps us down, and it’s business as usual!

We have been busy in class and studying in our time after class. The best place for us is the local Starbucks since we can get internet there. We sit outside and enjoy some postres and cafe and work on tarea (homework).

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