Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you, MODOT Motorist Assist and Emergency Response

On Friday, I gave a Certificate of Appreciation to some folks who have saved police hundreds of thousands of man-hours and kept area drivers safe. You've probably seen them around on area highways, helping motorists stuck in a bind. The responsiveness of the Missouri Department of Transportation's Motorist Assist and Emergency Response crews has been invaluable to KCPD.

Motorist Assist crews routinely handle calls that would otherwise necessitate a police response, such as stranded motorists and road obstructions. Sergeant William Mahoney said officers also rely upon them to assist police and help with traffic control at crash scenes. In 2008 alone, MODOT’s Motorist Assist program handled 12,141 calls for service in Kansas City. That's just amazing.

Emergency Response crews have saved the department countless hours by responding to major crash scenes in place of officers. Sergeant Mahoney said they also bring superior lighting and warning equipment to improve the margin of safety at crash scenes. They responded to 1,616 incidents on Kansas City highways last year.

Leading these efforts is Kansas City Region Incident Coordinator William "Rusty" James. Sergeant Mahoney said, “Rusty James has set the current tone of cooperation and helpfulness for which these MODOT crews have become known.”

So thank you, MODOT Motorist Assist and Emergency Response Crews. Kansas City highways and the people who drive them are much safer because of the work you do.

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