Friday, August 7, 2009

July red light camera statistics

We’ve tallied the red light camera statistics for the month of July. Keep in mind, these numbers will likely be higher in August as cameras were added at more intersections July 24 and July 31.

Total violations reviewed by officers: 8,145
Total citations issued: 5,361
Percent of violations submitted that were approved for citations: 65.8%
Total hours of officer time devoted to reviewing violations: 230.3 hours

As you can see, officers approved only 65.8 percent of the violations they reviewed for citations. They are diligent in reviewing these pictures and videos to determine whether a person actually did violate the law. Below are the top reasons they decided not to issue a ticket and on how many occasions that factor took place in July:

1.) Right turn on red – slow roll: 1,380
2.) Too close to cite: 868
3.) Vehicle stopped – no violation: 224

Other factors for rejecting citations included: no DMV records matches, emergency response vehicles with authorization to go through red lights, unreadable license plates, out-of-focus pictures and a total of three funeral processions.

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