Thursday, October 1, 2009

Updated Violent Crime Initiative stats

UPDATE: We got a little more information about the results of the sweep I wanted to share. Through the course of this three-day operation, police got new leads and/or conducted additional interviews in eight unsolved homicide cases and seven unsolved shootings.

Yesterday, I gave totals at a press conference of what our two-day Violent Crimes Initiative has accomplished. Since that time, more arrests, drugs and cleared warrants have rolled in, and I wanted to update you. Here is a spreadsheet of everything this operation has accomplished so far (Remember, we're out canvassing for information in three unsolved homicides today, so it's not over yet.):

Violent Crime Initiative stats

Some highlights:
231 warrants cleared
93 new arrests
$97,328.60 worth of street-value narcotics recovered
$11,071 in U.S. currency recovered
$60,000 worth of stolen property recovered
40 illegal handguns recovered

In addition, here is a map of the areas we targeted during this operation. The red splotches are 2009 high-density disturbance calls, the black dots are 2009 homicides and the blue dots are 2009 drive-by shootings.

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