Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Police recover large amount of stolen property, seek rightful owners


Police have recovered a significant amount of stolen property following the investigation of an armed robbery in the Waldo area Sunday morning and would like to find the rightful owners.

The armed residential robbery took place at 209 W. 78th Terrace the morning of May 23, and in the course of investigating that, property crimes detectives found large amounts of stolen property taken in other burglaries. They recovered 56 guns, electronics, construction equipment, wheels, tires, valuable comic books and collectibles.

They ask anyone who was burglarized recently in the Waldo area or who had construction equipment stolen to call the Metro Patrol Property Crimes Division at 816-234-5525 to schedule an appointment to see if any of the stolen property belongs to them.

Below are some of the guns that have been recovered: