Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank you, City Council, for putting sales tax continuation on November ballot

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Kansas City Council for unanimously voting to put the extension of the public safety sales tax on the November 2 ballot. Through the leadership of Public Safety and Neighborhoods Committee Chair Cathy Jolly, the Council recognized the capital projects and technology the police department needs to fight crime more effectively. As Councilwoman Jolly said, “These projects will make a tangible difference in public safety in our city.”

Some of the projects to be included in the tax include new East and North patrol division stations, a new crime lab, new helicopters, a new radio system, new vehicles and technology that will push us further and further into intelligence-based policing. In addition to police needs, the tax will fund modernization of the city’s ambulance fleet and emergency operations costs like tornado sirens.

The Council approved putting a 15-year extension of the quarter-cent sales tax on the ballot. They also approved a funding mechanism, general obligation bonds, to move construction projects forward as soon as possible.

Since 2002, this public safety tax has funded a sixth patrol division station – Shoal Creek Patrol – to serve the ever-growing Northland population; a new police academy to create better trained officers; a new Metro Patrol Division Station to replace the small, crumbling structure on 63rd Street; and new South Patrol and Special Operations Division Stations, which are being designed now. I thank the taxpayers for their graciousness in approving this tax eight years ago, and I thank the City Council for once again giving Kansas City residents the opportunity to show their support of high-quality public safety in their community.

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