Monday, November 28, 2011

Be safe during your holiday shopping

With Black Friday behind us, holiday shoppers are out in full swing now. Officers from Shoal Creek Patrol Division will be out again this year conducting Operation Safe Holiday. They’ll be in the busy commercial districts along Missouri 152 Highway near Interstate 35 and at Chouteau and I-35 telling shoppers how to stay safe and not to leave valuables in their cars. They’ll be passing out holiday crime prevention information, which I’d like to share with you right now:

At home:

• Ensure all windows and doors are secure.
• Use lights inside and outside your home. Use timers and motion sensors.
• Tell your neighbors when you’ll be gone, and know when they’ll be away, too.
• Have neighbors or friends collect mail, newspapers and door hangers while you’re out of town.
• Keep gifts and packages out of view from open windows.
• Before you give that gift, record all serial numbers. In case it gets stolen, this will make it easier to track down and return.
• Keep bushes trimmed down to prevent hiding places and trees trimmed up for good visibility outside.
• Install deadbolt locks with a ¾-inch throw.
• Don’t leave garage doors open.
• Don’t park outside your home with the garage door opener visible.
• Use an alarm system, if you have one.

Out shopping

• Always lock your car with the windows up.
• Don’t leave anything of value in plain view in your vehicle.
• Lock items in the trunk of your car.
• Park in a well-lit area.
• Don’t leave your purse unattended in a shopping cart.
• Never leave your car unoccupied and running, even for short periods of time.

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