Monday, March 19, 2012

Narcotics and Vice Division successes

Our Narcotics and Vice Division had a very productive February getting drugs, guns and those who commit crimes involving the two off the streets. Consider these numbers comparing February 2012 with February 2011 and year-to-date figures for the first two months of the year:

Feb. 2012Feb. 2011% Difference2012 YTD2011 YTD% Difference
Narcotics-Related Arrests19072164%334130157%
Firearms Recovered7034106%966645%
Search Warrants Served10135189%15669126%

These are just numbers from the Narcotics and Vice Division. The numbers from other elements in the police department are just as impressive. But the statistics aren’t what I care about. What we want are results from these statistics: reduced crime and a safer city. Fewer illegal firearms, less drugs and increased arrests of those who traffic in both are a good step toward that.

The detectives and officers of this department are working very hard toward a safer city, and they’re doing so more effectively. Another statistic shows how inter-department communication has increased. Other elements (such as the Violent Crimes Division) have reached out for support from the Narcotics and Vice Division on 105 percent more cases than they did in the first two months of last year. NVD has received 890 internal requests for investigative support so far in 2012 compared to 435 requests at this point in 2011. This shows we are using our resources more effectively and tackling violent crime from more than one angle.

The efforts of these detectives, officers, and the community have not gone unnoticed. Their contribution to reducing crime is appreciated and very much needed. A Communications Unit Supervisor informed me this weekend that we’d received six calls when one homicide occurred. That is unusual (sometimes we receive none) and brings hope that not only will that particular homicide be solved but that everyone is stepping up to make our city safer.

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