Thursday, March 26, 2009

Text message scam

Since this past Friday, March 20, our Fraud Section has gotten numerous reports from people across the country who have received text messages claiming fraudulent activities have taken place on their bank accounts. The messages purport to come from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department or the Central Bank of Kansas City. This is a scam.

Fortunately, Sergeant Rob Rickett, supervisor of the Fraud Section, said he’s gotten no reports of anyone actually becoming a victim of the fraud, and we’re glad to see people are getting educated about these so-called phishing scams.

Here’s a report of what one woman said the message she received said:

Message: Alert From K. C. Police / We apologize to inform you that we have locked your Debit card. For fast re-activation call us now at: 18597594140”

Another fraudulent text message looked like this:
Message: Central Bank of Kansas City: VISA CARD LOCKED.CALLTOLL-FREE 888 666 1954”

Do not respond to these. As Sergeant Rickett says, “Banks and police departments do not discuss business by text messages.” If you have any questions for your particular bank, call them using the phone number provided on your bank statement or on the bank’s official Web site.

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