Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Club Oasis tavern check

Just after midnight yesterday, Oct. 25, detectives with our Vice Section and Gang Squad conducted a tavern check at Club Oasis, 2805 Southwest Boulevard. The Vice Section conducts about 30 tavern checks a month and has done 324 so far this year. During such a check, detectives enter a business that is licensed to serve alcohol and check the IDs of all patrons to ensure the establishment is conforming to the law. The IDs of all patrons also are checked to see if they have any warrants.

Police went to Club Oasis because of the high level of violent crime there. Since May 2009, there have been 68 calls for police service at the club itself, and an initial 99 calls at addresses immediately adjacent to the club. These have included multiple shootings, fights, thefts, traffic obstructions and more. The Narcotics and Vice Division is making it a point to target businesses or geographic areas like this that are generating such high levels of violent and other crimes. (Like they did with Club NV/NRG.)

Detectives estimated about 100 people were patronizing Club Oasis at the time they conducted the tavern check yesterday. They arrested four minors for underage drinking and the club owner for allowing underage drinking in his club. One man assaulted a detective and tried to take his gun from him. He continued to resist arrest until officers placed him into a police vehicle. Officers found three unlicensed security guards, one of whom was armed and had crack cocaine in his pocket. All were arrested for not being licensed.

Detectives found cocaine and meth on the floor, which patrons had dumped when police came in. Detectives also located numerous fake driver’s licenses and fake immigration papers strewn about the club and shoved in planters. Police arrested four people for possessing drugs (one was the security guard). In the course of running patrons’ IDs, they found several who were in the United States illegally. Four had outstanding federal warrants for removal from the country, 13 had previously been removed from the U.S. and came back illegally, and another three were illegally present in the U.S. and are subject to removal proceedings because of their criminal history. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are permanently assigned to our department’s Gang Squad, and they were already present at the tavern check of Club Oasis. The ICE agents are handling the immigration violations. Police forwarded the findings of the tavern check to the City’s Regulated Industries to review business licensing issues.

Like I mentioned, police have conducted 324 tavern checks at different bars and clubs in Kansas City so far this year, and Club Oasis by far yielded the greatest amount of arrests and drugs recovered. The Narcotics and Vice Division will continue to focus on problem areas like this. It’s one of many ways we’re working to keep Kansas City safe.

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