Monday, October 11, 2010

School zone enforcement

As summer drew to a close and schools started up again for the year, Deputy Chief Cy Ritter told you about all the things our department was doing to keep kids safe. I wanted to share with you the results of just one of those efforts - school zone traffic enforcement. Our Special Operations Division has committed to concentrated enforcement in these areas at least one day a month. In September, officers cited 280 people in school zones in one day - Sept. 1. About 90 percent of those were for speeding. These tickets were issued throughout the city in various school districts.

Are you concerned about people speeding or driving dangerously near your child's school? If you live in Kansas City, call our traffic complaint coordinator at 816-482-8174. He sets officers up for extra enforcement in problem areas.  

Remember, when approaching a school zone, always slow down, even if you don't see any children. Nothing is so important that it's worth injuring a child.

For more information on school zone safety, other traffic enforcement initiatives and even an updated list of the 10 highest-accident intersections in Kansas City, check out the Traffic Enforcement Unit's web page.

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