Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fraud Unit warns of "tabnabbing"

Our Fraud Unit wants to get information out about an emerging trend in computer scams. It's called "tabnabbing" or "tabnapping." It occurs when victims are online and have multiple browsing tabs open (a feature in newer Internet browsers). If victims happen to open a tab with a fraudulent site, hackers can view, copy or open the information in the other tab.

For example, say you're checking your bank statement online and remember that you wanted to check movie times. You leave the tab with your bank information open and open a second tab to search for movie times. You could end up on a site posing as a legitimate entertainment site, but it's really run by a hacker. That hacker can then break into the other tab you have open and steal your banking information, user names and passwords. More information is available in this article from CNET.

Fortunately, KCPD has not received any reports of this scam, but we wanted to let you know about it so you won't be a victim. Our Fraud Unit recommends anyone conducting financial transactions on the Internet to only have the secure financial site open, on a single tab, as the transactions are being conducted.

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