Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thanks for your tips on stolen Nikes

We want to give a big thanks to the multiple people who called in tips about the stolen Nike shoes that are being sold on the streets of Kansas City. They led us to execute a search warrant last night in the 4500 block of Park. Police recovered 63 pairs of the Nike shoes stolen from Junction City, Kan., on Feb. 24. They also recovered a gun and ammunition. The investigation is ongoing, and police expect to recover more of the stolen shoes. A picture of one of the shoes they recovered last night is above.

Detectives know that many of these shoes are still out there and being sold illegally. (At retail, they sell for $95 a pair.) Keep in mind that anyone who is caught with them could be prosecuted for receiving stolen property. So please call the TIPS Hotline (816-474-TIPS) if you run across anyone trying to sell these (all the pairs stolen from Junction City look like those above), and thanks again to those who already have done so.

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