Thursday, April 14, 2011

Audit shows KCPD fully meets continuing education requirements


An internal audit revealed that Kansas City Police officers are in complete compliance with state continuing education requirements but recommended a lighter workload for the one person assigned to keep track of these courses.

Missouri Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) requires all law enforcement officers to have 48 credit hours of continuing education every three years. Internal auditors examined a sampling of the more than 1,200 KCPD officers who took mandated continuing education courses over a three-year period. They found all officers are meeting their continuing education requirements and that the credits are being effectively tracked for state requirements.

The audit did find, however, that the burden of coordinating and tracking all of KCPD’s law enforcement continuing education training fell to one person. Auditors determined her workload was too high, and commanders responded that they would try to spread some of her duties out among other staff members.

The full audit report is available online.