Monday, May 23, 2011

KCPD assistance to Joplin

Our hearts go out to our southern neighbors in Joplin, Mo., who are coping with such indescribable loss right now after last night's tornado. We are providing assistance as requested and stand ready to offer more.

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is sending one of our tactical response teams and a traffic enforcement squad to Joplin. They are on the road right now. One of our majors and her trained dog also have headed down there to assist with search and rescue. That’s a total of nearly 30 officers, and when they arrive, they’ll be assigned where need is greatest.

The manager of our 911 Call Center already is in Joplin, helping set up the command post there. He is joined by two of our communication support technicians. In Kansas City, these folks are responsible for all of our radio installation, maintenance and communication (as well as lights and sirens, computers and more), and they’re working in Joplin now to get vital communications up and running.

I’ll provide updates as the effort progresses.

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