Thursday, December 22, 2011

A big thank you to the J.B. Reynolds Foundation

I want to say a big thank you to the J.B. Reynolds Foundation, which has an annual tradition of making the holidays merrier for the non-profits that support the KCPD. This year, Web Bixby of the J.B. Reynolds Foundation presented checks to the Police Athletic League, KCPD CARE Team and Friends of the Mounted Patrol totaling more than $22,500. That's $2,800 more than the Foundation donated last year. Here's a little more about the charities the money will support:

The mission of PAL is to offer youth the opportunity to interact with police officers in a positive setting while participating in cultural, mentoring and sports programs, with the main emphasis placed on academics. At the 1801 White PAL Center, inner-city children participate in everything from tutoring to basketball to boxing to computer classes, all for little to no cost. PAL is a nonprofit organization supervised by KCPD officers.

Captain James Thomas accepted the $10,000 check on behalf of PAL from Web Bixby.

The KCPD CARE Team is a non-profit organization that assists members of KCPD and their families in times of need. 

Supervisor and KCPD Victim Advocate accepted the $7,500 check on behalf of the CARE Team.

This organization was formed with the purpose of supporting KCPD's Mounted Patrol Section by providing funds for additional training, equipment and veterinary care for the Section's horses.

Major Anthony Ell of the Patrol Bureau accepted the Mounted Patrol Check of $5,000.

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