Thursday, July 8, 2010

DirecTV scam

I wanted to let you know about a scam involving two people who are impersonating DirecTV salespersons. On the afternoon of July 3 in the 1200 block of E. 80th St., a black man in his 40s and a black female in her teens showed up at the door of a house. The man was wearing a yellow tie with a dress shirt and shorts and had a DirecTV badge. The girl had purple hair and a lazy eye.

The duo offered the woman who lived in the house a package of satellite TV, internet and phone for $101. The victim thought it sounded like a good deal, so she signed up for it and paid them, and they gave her a copy of the order form. The man and teenager said a technician would show up the morning of July 5 to install the satellite, but no technician ever came.

Police examined the order form the suspects had provided the victim and called DirecTV. DirecTV personnel advised them that the order number was valid, but it was for another person in another state. They said the man and girl that showed up at the victim's door were fraudulently impersonating DirecTV salespeople. Residents have since said they have seen the suspects' gray Dodge Durango continuing to drive around the neighborhood.

Always be leery of someone coming to your door trying to sell you something. In this case, the suspect even counterfeited a DirecTV badge. If you do not feel comfortable or think it might be a scam, call police.

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