Monday, June 6, 2011

KCPD detective named International Interdiction Detective of the Year

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the face of Detective Tony Garcia, who has been named the International Narcotics Interdiction Association Detective of the Year. This makes Detective Garcia the best interdiction detective in the United States. Our Drug Interdiction Section is charged with stopping the transportation of drugs (usually large quantities) in Kansas City.

What I can show you is Detective Garcia’s canine partner, Franz, who is pictured above with 8 pounds of cocaine the pair recovered last week from a passenger train. Franz joined Detective Garcia in 2006, but even before that, Garcia had an impressive record. Below is what Detective Garcia has recovered in the past year and since he joined the Interdiction Section in 2002:

                  April 2010-11     2002-2011
Marijuana     422.5 lbs.          4,761 lbs.
Cocaine         29.5 lbs.           101 lbs.
Hashish           2.0 lbs.             2 lbs.  
PCP               2 gallons          5 gallons
Meth              ---                    19.7 pounds
Khat               2 lbs.              34 lbs.
U.S. currency    $703,481          $2,073,466

A big congratulations to Detective Garcia (and Franz), and more proof that the best law enforcement officers in the nation work right here at the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

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