Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thanks for your service, Doc

John "Doc" McCalla started serving as an auxiliary volunteer for the Kansas City Missouri Police Department more than 23 years ago, after he'd retired from his career as a physician. Today, he "retired" again at the place he's worked so hard for so many years, the Metro Patrol Division. His ceremony today comes just a few days after Doc's 86th birthday.

Doc came to KCPD by being involved in his neighborhood's crime prevention group in the early 1980s. He worked with police a lot during that time and decided to join our team. Without pay, he spent years disseminating crime statistics to neighborhoods, attending community group meetings on behalf of KCPD, stuffing envelopes and mailing information, and recruiting some new employees. Once, he even saved the life of a woman who collapsed in the old Metro Patrol Division's parking lot. He also served for years on the board of the Missouri Crime Prevention Association and has been a huge help to Metro Patrol's Community Interaction Officer.

Thanks, Doc, for your selfless service to the Kansas City Police Department and the people of this community.

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