Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kudos to detectives for work on 40-year-old murder case

The Kansas City Star reported today that the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office has closed the case on the 41-year-old murder of local political leader Leon Jordan. Our September 2010 Informant newsletter explained how and why we were re-opening the case.

Our Cold Case detectives re-opened this case - the oldest they'd ever worked - and were able to determine who was responsible for the murder. The primary suspect is now dead (he was later murdered, too), as are many witnesses in the case, so no charges will be filed. But the 40-year-old "whodunnit" question finally is answered. It seems the crime was more personally than politically motivated, but with the main suspect and other key players deceased, we may never fully know the motives behind the slaying.

I'd like to commend Cold Case Homicide Sergeant Richard Sharp and Detectives Danny Phillips, Bruce  Solomon, Billy Martin, Marcus Regan, Roy Rogers and Ray Staley for their work on this case. As Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Baker told the Star, "After 15 years as a prosecutor, I know a good murder case when I see one,” she said. “And this was really an incredible investigation…They did a phenomenal job putting a 40-year-old murder case together.”

Below is a picture of the enormous case file composed of both 40-year-old and recent records.  

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