Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Secret Santa visits KCPD

Yesterday was a very special day for a few KCPD employees. Kansas City's Secret Santa and his elves (KCPD officers) came to visit these very deserving people and gave them cash to help during the holiday season.
The first gift was for an administrative assistant in the Communications Unit who cares for two adult sons with disabilities, and one of them just had surgery. Another administrative assistant in the Traffic Enforcement Division received a gift of cash from Secret Santa to help with expenses after her brother was killed in a motorcycle crash.

A 75-year-old custodian at the Shoal Creek Patrol Division also was the recipient of some of Secret Santa's generosity. His family farm was recently foreclosed on, and he has had a re-occurence of cancer. The final KCPD stop of Secret Santa and his elves was at Police Headquarters, where they visited Records Unit Supervisor Yvette Leap, pictured above. Yvette has already battled cancer once and is doing it again.

After their stops around the department, Secret Santa and the KCPD elves visited local thrift stores throughout the city, handing out more cash to people in need.

Kansas City Police are proud to support Secret Santa, and we thank him for how generous he is to those in our community who need help the most, including members of our very own KCPD family. I'm so glad someone is carrying on the work started by the original under-cover St. Nick, the late Larry Stewart. And Secret Santa, we've got a department full of elves ready to assist you.