Friday, December 10, 2010

Police crack down on persistent DUI offenders

This week, Dec. 6-9, Kansas City Police have made a concerted effort to bring drunk drivers to justice. Officers went after persistent DUI offenders - those who have been charged with the crime multiple times - who had warrants for their arrest. Police cleared a total of 113 warrants, 55 of which were felonies. One man even answered his door smoking drugs and holding a semi-automatic handgun. He was arrested for warrants, possession of narcotics and possession of illegal firearms. Five guns were recovered from his home, including one  that was stolen.

I have mentioned previously that we were really focusing on stopping drunk drivers this week. We have attacked the problem from many angles - going after those who have eluded justice this past week, and this weekend, we'll have a DUI checkpoint to stop those who could be a danger on the roads. One of our officers is still in the hospital because of the actions of a drunk driver, and he will have to spend months recovering before he can return to duty.

The Department of Transportation has dubbed this week's enforcement efforts "You Drink, You Drive, You Lose." It's the truth.

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