Monday, December 6, 2010

Secret Santa is at it again

Secret Santa is up to his old ways in Kansas City, handing out cash to those who most need it. KCPD officers had the privilege last week of escorting Santa on some of his annual rounds. Santa distributed thousands of dollars to unsuspecting individuals at thrift stores, at the bus stop and other locations. This Secret Santa, who travelled in disguise, carries on the tradition begun by Larry Stewart, who passed away three years ago. Santa and his elves have encouraged Secret Santas in other cities to pass on their generosity, too.

Kansas City's Secret Santa had a special guest this year:, comedian Larry the Cable Guy. He came along as part of a new show called "Only in America" that will begin on the History Channel on Feb. 9, 2011.

KCPD officers got to spread some of Secret Santa's good cheer to one of their own, too. Secret Santa left Major Anthony Ell of the East Patrol Division a $100 bill to pass on to Building Operations Tech Pat Stobbe, who has worked at EPD for 11 years and has been with the department for 12. Major Ell presented Pat with the gift this morning.

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