Monday, February 14, 2011

E-ticketing is coming to an officer near you

No one likes getting a ticket, but the process is about to get easier in Kansas City. Electronic ticketing is coming to KCPD this year. We anticipate that by September 2011, officers will begin issuing tickets from hand-held electronic devices. 

E-ticketing will be virtually paperless. Gone will be the days of triplicate citations with sheets of carbon paper. Officers will soon have computers with small printers in their cars (or a hand-held version for officers such as motorcycle officers) to enter citation information. They will then print off a receipt-like ticket for the violator. The computer already will have transferred the citation information to the police department and to Municipal Court. These devices will increase our officers' efficiency and allow them more time to focus on serious crime problems in our community.

Further advancements also will include completely electronic municipal court rooms and less-cumbersome ways to pay fines. I'll continue to update you on the progress of this project as we move closer to implementing this new technology.

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