Thursday, February 17, 2011

Police making it easier for theft victims to reclaim their property


Detectives at a Northland Kansas City Police station have come up with a new way for theft victims to identify and reclaim their stolen property.

The Shoal Creek Patrol Division Property Crimes Section has launched an account on the photo-sharing site Flickr to post pictures of items they’ve recovered in large theft investigations.

“We want to make it more convenient for the public to get online and see if an item is theirs,” Sergeant Daniel Graves said. “It’s a lot easier than making victims drive all the way out to the station to look at it.”

Each picture notes when police recovered the stolen item(s) and which detective is working the case. Theft victims will need to have their police report case number ready when they call detectives to identify the property as theirs.

About 100 photos are on the site now and include stolen items ranging from jewelry to old photographs to construction equipment to antique books to computers. Sergeant Graves said the site will be updated and refreshed regularly. Detectives have another 150 to 200 item pictures they plan to post in the coming weeks. They have connected victims to the stolen items from as far away as Andrew County, Mo., north of St. Joseph.

The site is at A link also is available through KCPD’s web site at