Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kansas City Police release audits on Communications Support and Supply units


KCPD’s Communications Support Unit should better secure $6.2 million worth of radio equipment, and the Supply Unit should streamline the ordering of office supplies, according to audits released today by the Internal Audit Unit.

Internal auditors found that nearly $6.2 million in equipment was left in unsecured locations at the Communications Support Unit. Much of the equipment is being stored for a large radio rebanding project, which was delayed because of manufacturer defects in the equipment. Communications Support staff indicated the equipment would be gone once rebanding was completed, but auditors continue to have concerns about security.

KCPD’s internal auditors also recommended that the Supply Unit streamline its office supply ordering and delivery system by considering an outside vendor to handle all the orders and delivery, rather than delivering office supply orders to the Supply Unit, who then distribute them to all department elements. Commanders decided not to implement this recommendation because it would limit the department’s ability to buy in bulk and because of the implementation of a new online supply ordering system the department will start using July 1.

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