Friday, June 4, 2010

More driver's license checkpoint results

Police conducted another driver's license checkpoint yesterday afternoon and evening. This one was at 9603 Blue Ridge Blvd. Northbound cars were checked before Bannister Road. Police have previously responded to a high number of alcohol-related crashes at the intersection of Blue Ridge and Bannister and along the roads themselves.

A total of 1,270 cars were checked for operators' licenses. Fifty-four of them were driving with revoked licenses or no license at all. Here's how the numbers broke down for arrests and citations:

Total cars stopped: 1,270
Driving while revoked: 17 (2 of whom were persistent offenders)
No operator's license: 37
Other citations: 7
Warrants cleared: 39

Due to the high number of arrests, officers let a total of 609 cars pass through. Officers and sergeants working the checkpoint said feedback was very positive. Several of the stopped drivers even thanked them for doing the operation.

More of these checkpoints are scheduled in the future.

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