Monday, March 29, 2010

Dodgeball pictures

Saturday's News vs. Blues Dodgeball Tournament was a great time. I even played several rounds. The event raised $3,700 for the KCPD Care Team, who were the ultimate winners. The winner of the actual tournament was the Narcotics and Vice Division team. (Unfortunately, several of them are under-cover, so I can't post their photos here.) They barely eeked out the championship over the Eastsiders (which included several officers from the East Patrol Division). A big thank you to all the media and other law enforcement agencies who participated. Everyone from KMBZ 980 AM to the new media of to television morning show personalities (sorry about your glasses, Kris Ketz) were there. Enjoy these photos from one of the most fun KCPD events of the year. (Click to see a bigger version of any picture.)

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