Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kansas City Police participate in teen seat belt enforcement


The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department is joining with several other law enforcement agencies this week for an aggressive “Operation Safe Teen” seat belt mobilization to crack down on Missouri’s seat belt law violators in an effort to reduce traffic fatalities.

Nearly one in four Missourians still fail to regularly wear their seat belts when driving or riding in a motor vehicle. Teens are even less likely to wear their seat belts with only 61% regularly buckling up.

“Nearly every day someone dies in a crash in Missouri because they weren’t using their seat belt, and the statistics for teens involved in crashes are even more alarming than those for adults.” said Sgt. Grant Ruark of the Traffic Enforcement Unit. “Eight out of ten people killed in traffic crashes are unbuckled. Consistent safety belt use is the single most effective way for vehicle occupants to protect themselves from being injured or killed in a crash. We encourage people to buckle up and ‘Arrive Alive.’

For information on Missouri seat belt usage, visit www.saveMOlives.com.